Weight Loss Stats

Hello everyone!

This is where I will be posting my weight loss stats and keeping track of my weight loss.   Because I am just starting out and I do value my privacy, also because family, friends and coworkers (possibly even some of my customers) might be seeing this page-- I have chosen NOT to share my starting /current weight, or my starting / current measurements.

But I WILL be sharing how many pounds and inches I have LOST so far. I will also share when my weigh-in / measurement dates are.   I understand that sharing your progress is very important in motivating others and keeping track for your own personal encouragement.   Its also interesting to see and show how each body part on other side of the body can gain and lose weight differently.  But I would like to do so in a way that allows me to maintain my personal privacy. Thank you for your understanding.

Starting Date:  January 16th, 2017

Pounds Lost So Far: 15

Inches Lost So Far: 15.75"

Details Of Inches Lost By Body Part:
Neck: .5"
Chest: 3"
Biceps:   Left: .5"   Right: .25"
Forearms:   Left: 0"  Right: .25"
Upper Waist (the female waist curve under the ribs): 2.5"
Mid Waist (Just above the belly button): 2.5"
Hips: .5"
Thighs:  Left: 1"   Right: 3.5"
Calves:  Left: .5"  Right: .25"

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