About Me

About Me

Hello there, and welcome to my weight loss Blog!

My name is Melissa, and I am using a low-carb plan for weight loss, as that is my favorite plan and it suits me best. But I am also mixing in some wisdom from the Japanese and French ways of life, because those cultures seem to have a very good handle on maintaining a healthy weight and healthy eating habits.   Many of you might know me from YouTube, but some of you may have also found my blog through other means.   :)

So about me...

I was born in 1981.  I married my second husband on January, 2014.  But no kids yet.  I am originally from California, USA.  But currently live in Pennsylvania, USA.   I moved here in September, 2013.

My job?   I work for a large retailer (for privacy reasons, I can't say which one though). So I've done a bit of everything there-- Clothing, cashiering, freight and shelf stocking, mods, and right now, I basically help prevent/deter theft.

Most of my life I have struggled with weight.   Just before my first marriage, I lost over 100 lbs.  But stress and hardships of life caused me to gain a lot of it back...

My new husband and I have decided that we both want to be more healthy, and shape up.   So I have decided to get back into the swing of things, using my YouTube channel to stay motivated and also by starting this blog-- just as a little something extra to share with everyone.

I hope you will all follow along, and be regular visitors to both my YouTube video channel and my blog.   I will post links to where my videos can be found here in my video tab, to make it easier for folks to follow along :)  Please don't forget to comment, rate and subscribe to me on YouTube!

Have a wonderful day everyone and stay (or get) healthy!  :) 

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